Advising producers and distributors on every film and television business aspect: development, financing, acquisitions, marketing, distribution.


Creating cutting-edge and innovative marketing and distribution strategies such as dynamic ticket pricing and theatrical on demand, following the Smart Moviegoing™ approach.


Developing and implementing advanced international sales strategies throughout all major film markets and festivals including Cannes, Toronto, AFM, EFM.


FlexyMovies™ was conceived with the idea that the film industry needs flexibility. FlexyMovies™ is first of all innovation for the entertainment industry: our mission is to pioneer and implement new models and strategies in film and television distribution. We engage audiences with Smart Moviegoing™ experiences such as digital-theatrical day-and-date, reverse windowing, theatrical on-demand, dynamic pricing, unlimited pass, premium VOD, audience-based marketing and distribution.

Strong of such ability to innovate and market to consumers effectively, FlexyMovies™ has expanded into providing market access to producers, advising on financing and acquisitions, developing and implementing worldwide sales and distribution strategies for quality filmed content. We are a stable presence at major film markets and festivals such as Marché du Film at the Cannes Film Festival, European Film Market at the Berlin Film Festival, American Film Market, Toronto International Film Festival, Sundance, AFI Fest, LA Film Festival, SXSW, Tribeca, Rome Film Fest, Venice Film Festival, LA Web Fest, as well as at the most important professional events such as CinemaCon, CineEurope, Licensing Expo, NABShow and many others.

Alessandro Masi is Film & TV Business Strategist, 8+ years' international experience in the entertainment industry.

While starting up FlexyMovies, Alessandro has contributed devising sales strategies for television giants Zodiak Media and FremantleMedia as well as leading international film sales outlets Myriad Pictures, Carnaby International, Sierra/Affinity, Electric Entertainment, implementing marketing and distribution strategies for domestic distributors Gathr Films and Cohen Media, pioneering and turning around into profit digital VOD distributor Own Air in Rome, advising on profitable private equity financing for entertainment at TMT Advisors in London, conducting digital strategy for major entertainment properties and brands at Italia Brand Group in Milan.






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