Berlinale Film Festival Interview | 2018 – Luis Prieto


tNC – February 17, 2018

Luis Prieto
The DISUNITED States of America

Berlinale EFM Screening:
February 19, 12:15pm @ CinemaxX 15
US, Italy, 2017 | 87 Min.
World Sales: FlexyMovies

An insight into the lives and minds of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters, a portrait of their fears and beliefs in the months leading up to the unparalleled 2016 election.

​Hey Luis, thank you for talking to tNC, how is everything going?

Very good thanks! I’m in Spain shooting season 2 of SNATCH for Sony-Crackle and I couldn’t be better!

The DISUNITED States of America is going to be screening in the Berlinale/EFM 2018, what does it mean to have your film at the festival?

It’s a great opportunity for any film to be screened at the Berlinale, so I am very happy and excited about it.

Are there any nerves ahead of the screening?

Not really. We have screened the film previously and we have seen the incredible and positive reaction it generates. People are moved after seeing the film. We know about the film’s powerful impact on the audience. So that gives me peace of mind!

Your film won Best Social-Issue & Best Cinematography Awards at the Atlanta DocuFest, what did it mean for you to get this type of recognition for your film?

It was the realization that the film hit a powerful cord. The film opens your eyes to the lives of “normal people” that we don’t get to see in films with such intimacy. You get to know them without prejudices and discover how their lives are. It’s an insight that blows your mind as spectator. And since we followed people from the whole economic/social and political spectrum, no matter who you are you’ll be most likely blown away for what you see in the film.

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