FlexyMovies Boards Luis Prieto’s ‘Disunited States Of America’ Doc – Berlin


Deadline Hollywood – February 14, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Alessandro Masi’s LA-based FlexyMovies has acquired international rights to filmmaker Luis Prieto’s documentary The Disunited States Of America. The Kidnap helmer’s latest is a look inside the lives and minds of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters in the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election. It won prizes for Best Social-Issue Documentary and Best Cinematography at Atlanta Docufest. FlexyMovies will kick off sales at the EFM this week; check out the trailer above.

Produced by Radical Productions in collaboration with Indiana Production Company, the Sky original was culled from more than 400 hours of footage shot by four crews across the U.S. It “follows the most important voice of the 2016 Presidential election — the American people themselves, in their own words,” says producer JM Logan.

Adds co-producer Jesse Einstein, “When you strip away all the partisan politics and the sensationalized stories, which are often meant to drive a divisive narrative, you’re left with regular people. The people that we followed in this film all have families, challenges, dreams. Getting to know them and their stories has been a tremendous honor.”

FlexyMovies’ EFM slate also includes The Family Whistle, a doc about the Coppola family of musicians and filmmakers, which is touring festivals; Simplemente Estamos Aquì about two shamans helping locals facing the destruction of the sacred Wirikuta desert in Mexico; and the analysis of the twerking sub-culture #Twerkumentary, featuring Diplo, Big Freedia and Jameela Jamil.