Blockchain Video-on-Demand Startup Inks Industry Agreements


BlockchainNews – Feb 23, 2018

In what is claimed to be a world first for the film industry, Blockchain-Video-on-Demand (BVOD) agreements were signed on Tuesday, between Swedish startup Cinezen Blockchained Entertainment and a number of film distribution agents. The deal was announced at the European Film Market 2018 event (EFM) in Berlin last week, following initial investment by Austrian VC firm AltaIR Capital.

Cinezen said, in the statement, that it is developing the first truly decentralized and community driven global blockchain-based VOD marketplace based on the Ethereum protocol. The sales agents signing up to the network include Ant!pode Sales & Distribution (Anton Mazurov), FlexyMovies (Alessandro Masi), YTINIFNI PICTURES (David Suarez), Danish sales house Level K (Tine Klint) and the UK’s Celsius Entertainment (Thierry Wase-Bailey).

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